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Why Rural real estate Properties Make Sound Investments

Real Estate will always be the most practical choice for long-term investments. Even with fluctuating economies, you can always benefit from investing in real estate as long as you know how to play your cards right. Recently, the rural real estate Queensland market has seen a lot of activity, most of which from buyers looking for properties in rural areas.

Rural Real Estate Queensland

So why the sudden demand for rural real estate in North Queensland? According to recent studies, the following factors are responsible for the rise in rural real estate transactions.

Long-Term and Permanent Housing

Current trends in real estate reveal that more people are looking for long-term solutions to their housing needs. Instead of looking at what they currently need, people are now looking towards the distant future, hence demanding a permanent form of housing. Nowadays, people are okay with settling for an apartment lease as they search for rural real estate Queensland options for them to settle down in once they save up enough money.

True, rural housing is usually seen as a “retirement” option. People who have saved up enough money to quit their jobs and either live off their pensions or start a business look rural housing so they can spend the rest of their days in peace.

The Cheaper Option

Rural real estate North Queensland prices are on an all-time low. Combine this with the ever increasing price of urban properties, and you get an option that is extremely budget-friendly. Before, people would shun rural real estate because it is far away from work, school and other conveniences. However, because the current disparity between urban and rural real estate prices is so large, even extra costs like daily transportation expenses and other things still won’t compare to the price difference. This makes rural living more feasible and affordable.

Low Mortgage Rates

Real estate trends in Australia see mortgage rates decreasing in the coming years. This means owning your own home is now easier compared to leasing an apartment. Because of low mortgage rates, people are now eager to search for rural real estate properties so they can be freed from the burdens of renting an apartment. After all, nothing beats the feeling of owning your own property, instead of answering to your landlord.

Stable Investment

Before, people didn’t see the allure of investing in rural real estate, because they see it as a less lucrative investment compared to urban properties. However, urban real estate trends are extremely volatile, experiencing both extreme highs and depressing lows. This is because urban real estate gets easily affected by so many factors like politics, crime, disasters and other things. If you don’t know how to stay ahead of the real estate game, chances are you won’t do well with urban properties.

Although the potential for extreme highs with rural real estate is low, it is a safer and more stable investment. The rural real estate agents Queensland has often recommend rural real estate to investment newcomers.


All in all, rural real estate Queensland options are perfect, whether you’re looking for a permanent place to settle in, or if you want to dabble in real estate investment. For more information regarding rural real estate in the Queensland area, visit

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