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Students Accommodations You Can Stay In Whilst Studying in Australia

Australia is known as one of the most-sought destinations for international students. More and more people are going down under to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, which makes students accommodation providers seek to bring only the best services to their tenants.

students accommodation

Types of Accommodation

There are actually various types of accommodation for students in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and other major cities in Australia. However, living down under is far way different from what international students have been used to. There are a lot of options to choose from including living on-campus, in student apartments, in uni student halls, and even through home stay programs.

On-campus Accommodation

Although it is unusual for local students to live on-campus, most institutions will offer mostly offer international students to live on campus. The university student accommodation which are offered to them usually vary depending on the institution, either like a block of apartments or a large student residence hall.

Although living on-campus isn’t the common practice in Australia, institutions can still assist students in finding a place to stay near the campus through online classified ads that the uni will be posting on their websites. However, there is no standard rental cost for student accommodations and rentals.

Off-campus Accommodation

Students in Australia commonly reside outside the campus where they are free to choose whether they will be living with relatives or with a host family, with other students in one apartment, or alone in one room.

  • Home stay

Home stay programs include an international student living with an Australian family in their home, and it gives international students the opportunity to completely coordinate themselves into Australian life. This type of students accommodation with shared and single rooms are available which usually cost between AU$ 110 to AU$270 per week. In spite of the fact that dinners are usually taken of under the expense, self-cooked home stay is likewise accessible.

  • Guest house or hostel

Guest houses and hostels are usually cheaper compared to on-campus and home stay accommodations. International students would just have to pay around AU$80 to AU$135 a week to fully enjoy the amenities in such accommodations. However, in this type of place would require them to share kitchen, bathroom, and other facilities.

  • Student apartment and flat

Some universities offer student studio apartments on or near the campus. This type of accommodation provides students the security they need as these flats are near the campus, as well as independent living.

This type of accommodation is common in Australia. In fact, 90 to 100% of students in this country, both local and foreign, live off-campus, making off-campus student accommodations the most-sought place. The only downside is that international students should be in Australia in as early as three weeks before the start of orientation for them to get their accommodation before the start of classes.

  • Regular private rental

Regular private rentals are the most common housing option for both students and professionals living in Australia. If you choose to stay in this type of students accommodation, you must expect to be skimming over real estate ads and lists to get the perfect place to rent.

But before you opt to rent this type of accommodation, there are still a lot of student accommodations in the city near your university, such as the Student One, which can provide you with more advanced amenities essential for your studies.

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