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Where Professionalism Meets Expertise: Independent Tree Services

Independent Tree Services is an Australian organisation established by Trent Hughes, in the year 2002. With immense experience in the fields of civil work and construction, Hughes started the organisation to cater to every possible aspect involved in removing trees, by ensuring no harm to the environment or to the ecological system. Being an environmentally-cautious organisation, the experts on the team ensure that the natural habitat of birds and wildlife remain un-impacted. With its strong belief in recycling, if the members spot any forms of life – like the nests of birds or a movable habitat, efforts are made to relocate these to a better environment. The organisation undertakes tree cutting Logan city, Queensland projects – be it due to storm damage, interference with a building or structure, disproportionate in size or the result of an accident, the organisation is here to provide its timely services.

tree cutting logan city

Professionalism and Expertise

The practice of tree cutting Logan city residents may have to do is an exercise of caution. Not all trees can be removed the same way. The dead spots in the tree, the weight of the tree and the surrounding vegetation must be taken into consideration before doing this job. An inexperienced person may pose hazards for not only himself, but also the surrounding population and immediate environment. A lot of dangers and occupational hazards accompany a job of this nature.

Tree maintenance Logan city projects require professional experience and expertise. A thorough knowledge of handling equipment and managing adversity is required. This job involves dealing with crisis situations at short notice and the experts at this organisation are well-prepared for such situations. Independent Tree Services provides proficient and practical solutions for every tree-related problem.  It consists of a team of twelve dedicated and experienced professionals who cater to projects of every nature. From the smallest of the residential jobs, to handling multi-million dollar governmental and commercial projects, this team of experts has done it all.

Services offered

Tree pruning, tree trimming, tree maintenance, removal of trees that obstruct powerlines, onsite chipping and mulching, tree reports and risk assessments, storm damage and prevention, stump grinding, tree planting, land clearing, crown lifting and deadwood removal are some of the services offered by the organisation. Tree cutting Logan city projects are not a simple task at hand. They require immense patience, dedication as well as knowledge of the latest arboriculture techniques. The advice of a tree expert is required in all stages of a project.

Benefits for the customers

The services of this family-owned business venture are wholly certified, insured and endorsed by various governmental agencies. They also provide the customers with obligation-free quotes. One may ask them for a free price quotation and this does not entail commitment to undertake the company’s services. Though the team works within stipulated hours, the service can easily be contacted at any time of the day in case of emergencies. For the benefit of the customers, they provide easy payment options. Independent Tree Services can be reached through the contact details provided on its website.

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