Landscaping In Woodstock, GA – How to Hire the Best Services

Having a well-maintained yard creates a good impression about your home. Planting trees, pruning flowers, designing landscaping require expertise. You might lack the skills or time to carry out these tasks. To keep a well maintained yard often means contracting an expert at landscaping in Woodstock, GA. Besides increasing your yard appeal, a landscaping contractor helps to ensure that you meet the requirements of the municipal code.

This includes regular weed maintenance and maximum height of grass. Landscaping in Woodstock GA is a popular activity; the reason why there are hundreds of landscape contractors. However, hiring the right contractor is not as easy as it may sound. You want to hire a reputable and qualified contractor. Below are tips that will ensure that you get the best landscaping:


Look for a contractor who has completed projects similar in scope and size as yours. If you have a large-scale project, you might require the expertise of engineers who specialize in routine lawn maintenance. Likewise, if you have a small-scale project, you should select individual contractors who can give specific attention to your lawn. Find out how long the contractor has been in business. How experienced is the staff?  Do they do lawn maintenance in Acworth GA? A company is as good as its employees and one that diversifies to other parts of the country have broader experience.


Insurance and licensing

Just like lawn maintenance in Kennesaw, GA, landscaping in Woodstock, GA requires licensing. Specialized landscaping such as paving of structural slabs and construction of pools, spas and fireplaces require a separate license. If you are interested in these activities, make sure that your contractor possesses the relevant license. Ensure that you choose a landscaper who has workman’s compensation and liability insurance and has certificates to prove it. Insurance protects you in the event of an accident. Without it, you can be held liable if someone gets injured on your project.

Cost and contracts

Discuss with the contractor if the price quote is fixed or just an estimate. Also ask how changes in costs will be handled once the project has commenced. Make sure the contract you sign agrees with the circumstances. The best Woodstock, GA lawn maintenance companies will set unit pricing and signed contracts to allow for changes that may arise in the course of the project. Contracts detail scope of work; installation, design, disposal and permitting among others. You might end up with  high rates and surprise expenses if you begin the work without a guaranteed pricing or a signed contract.

Warranties and maintenance

How can you ensure that the plant materials installed will thrive? A professional landscape contractor should provide you with care instructions for installed plants. Care instructions provide you with necessary skills to care for the plant materials once the contractor has left. You might also inquire if the contractor carries out maintenance services in addition to installation. What happens if the plants die or the patio cracks? Make sure you hire a landscaping professional who offers warranties for workmanship and plant material. Be clear on what exactly is covered and how long the warranty is.

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