Know All Facts About Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections Melbourne Services Before Buying Your Dream House

Buying your dream house can be very exciting but before you get carried away, it is always best to organize a pre-purchase pest inspections Melbourne services before signing a purchase contract. Since buying a house is a huge investment and you will naturally want to get the best out of the purchase, by carrying out the inspection, you can be sure of what you are getting into.


Pre-purchase pest inspections in Melbourne involve an expert inspection service which thoroughly checks all structural timber within the home, either outside or inside the building. The inspection services can be completed within a day to a week depending on the area covered and the severity of the damages found.

The aim of conducting pest inspection for your Melbourne home is to ensure that the timber used in the construction of the building and surrounding grounds have not been infested with pests such as termites and borers. These pests feed on timber and therefore can cause structural damages as well as endanger the lives of the people living in the house.

How are pest inspections done?

When you call for pest inspections Melbourne services, the contractor will arrive on the ground to make assessments on the following;

–      Check for any evidence of timber pests in the house, inside the fence line and up to 30 meters from the building.

–      If pests are found, then they will assess the severity and extent of damages caused.

–      If there is no evidence of pest in the house, but termites are found within the surrounding area, then the inspectors will determine the susceptibility of the entire building to the infestation of timber pests.

–      After the inspection, a report will be given both verbally and on paper. This report will establish counteractive ways of dealing with the pest influx and also advise on protective measures to be taken.

After the inspection service is done, the examiners should be able to provide a detailed quote for the recommended treatments if required. They will also advise on further investigations whenever it’s needed.

 As you’ve probably noticed there is a lot at stake when purchasing a house without contacting professional Melbourne pest inspections service providers. It is indeed a significant task for an extra small amount since you will be in a position of making an informed decision about the purchase of the property.

Moreover, if there is indeed evidence of severe infestation of timber pests after you have already gotten into an agreement, you can use the report from the pre-purchase pest investigators to withdraw from the contract and reclaim your money.

What if you have already carried out a building inspection?

While you may already have done a pre-purchase building inspection, you should note that building inspectors are not necessarily experts in pest infestations. For the sake of accurate assessments and damage control, you should also hire pest inspections Melbourne expert service providers who are well versed in pest inspections, have the necessary technology and skills needed in dealing with such services.

One way of saving you valuable dollars on pre-purchase inspections in Melbourne is by hiring a company such as HomeSpect who provide both building and pest inspection services, unlike hiring different contractors. Contact them today to learn more on how they can help you make a good purchase.

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